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Dox Diets (200 mg/kg)

The Dox Diet is a nutritionally complete diet containing doxycycline (200 mg/kg) used in the Tet-Off System for controlling gene expression. Doxycycline is more stable inside pellets compared to within water, due to the low moisture and light exposure inside of a solid. The diet is sterilized by gamma-irradiation and is color coded to protect the doxycycline and to avoid diet confusion. Please click the AD3006S link below for more detailed diet information.

Diet #Description
AD3006SRodent DOX Diet, Grain-Based, Fat (9%), Doxycycline (200 mg/kg), Green, 1/2" Pellets, Sterile

Pricing: This diet comes in boxes of 10kg each.

10 or 20$20.50
30 or 40$17.50
50 to 90$14.50
100+ $10.50