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Purified Diets

(AIN-76A-AD1001, AIN-93G-AD1002)

Diets that are formulated with a more refined and restricted set of ingredients are designated purified diets. These ingredients include casein and soybean protein isolate (as sources of protein), sugar and starch (as sources of carbohydrate), vegetable oil and lard (as sources of fat and essential fatty acids), pure cellulose (as a source of fiber), and pure inorganic salts and vitamins. The nutrient concentrations in a purified diet are less variable and more easily controlled via formulation than in a grain-based diet. Examples of purified diets are the AIN-76A, and AIN-93G.

The AIN-76 diet is a rodent diet recommended by the American Institute of Nutrition (AIN) in 1976 as a standard purified rodent diet to study all aspects of health and disease. It evolved into the AIN-76A, when more vitamin K was added to the AIN-76 diet (a ten-fold increasing to 500 mcg/kg).

The AIN-93G and AIN-93M purified rodent diets were recommended by the AIN in 1993, where “G” represents the diet for growth and reproduction and “M’ for maintenance. The major difference between the AIN-76A and the AIN-93G/M is that the latter uses more corn starch, more (7) trace elements, and soybean oil replaced corn oil.

Diet #Description
AD1001Rodent Diet, AIN-76A, 1/2" Pellets
AD1002Rodent Diet, AIN-93G, 1/2" Pellets