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We offer a wide variety of services, including the following:

Professional consultation: We consult with researchers by recommending related animal models and suitable custom formulated diets for their specific research objectives.

Diet formulation: We formulate custom diets based on researchers’ specifications.

Modifying existing formulas: We can modify any existing formulas to meet your specific needs.

Incorporating test compounds into purified and grain-based diets: We can incorporate your test compounds (except known human carcinogens) into any experimental diet. Feeding diets with test compounds to the animal reduces dosing related stress, and saves time and labor. Here are some examples of test compounds:

Diet manufacturing: We produce custom diets in various forms (powder, liquid, paste, gel, or pellets).

Color coding diets: Color coding custom diets can prevent confusions of different diets at feeding time. We can color code any custom diets based on researchers’ specifications.

Standing orders: For long term studies, standing orders allow the researchers to place a single order once and receive custom diets at designated delivery intervals over a period of time.