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Special Needs Diets

Special needs diets are formulated to meet the needs of those rodents having difficulties with breeding or consuming normal rodent chows. Currently, we have following special needs diets available:

Love Mash Pellets, Breeder Enhancer, Sterile: This product is a diet supplement used to help increase the reproductivity in poor rodent and transgenic mice breeders.

Rodent Dough Diet, Bacon or Butte Flavor, Sterile: This diet is a purified rodent diet modified from AIN-93G, formulated for rodents with eating disabilities.

Diet #Description
AD3080SLove Mash Pellets, Breeder Enhancer, 1/2", Sterile (1 kg/bag)
AD3088Rodent Dough Diet, Bacon Flavor, Sterile (1 kg/bag)
AD3089Rodent Dough Diet, Butter Flavor, Sterile (1 kg/bag)